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5 Reasons You Suck At Life and Why Its Ok

5 Reasons You Suck At Life and Why and Its OK

You are not special. God doesn't center around your amazing existence to make sure everything turns out the way you imagine it to. In fact, we can all admit that many times it feels like this separate entity called "Life" is against us. As if we live in a strange and unwelcoming world constantly driving us out and pushing us over the edge of the Abyss of Chaos and disorder.
Rather you are deep in your faith with Christ or are somewhat new to the life with Jesus, prepare to be a little offended yet enlighten to why you suck at life, The root problem of such reality, and five factual and Biblical reasons for this reality that may make you cringe as you read, but will have the seed of Biblical and Eternal encouragement.
This Article is not to make you feel good, more or less, to allow you to stop 'trying-so-hard' and rest in your newness of life with Christ. I warn you, since you most likely have a short attention span, t…

Four Reasons Young Adults Should Not Dream!

I am no billionaire or millionaire but I am one on the journey towards being a young entrepreneur that can hopefully add value for others in society one way or another. As encouraged as it is to have a BIG PLAN and HUGE VISION, as many in the self-help world would explain, A big vision without smaller and micro-managed goals is just a pipe dream. As young adults, it is important to dream but to also be grounded in reality and take action on a day to day basis. Many young aspiring dreamers, such as myself, have fallen to the 'Dream Curse". It is having so much Ideas, Theories, and desired outcomes, but getting stuck in idleness when it comes time to take basic and BORING actions. Since we have a 'dream' but no smaller and realistic goals to get to it, we become idle and lazy which results in self-sabotage, self-judgment, and worst STAGNATION.
With the popularity and growth of self-help, also comes self-sabotage for many of us. We become addicted to the 'feeling…