Why Christians Must Live in the HERE and NOW

Our minds are constantly racing. A fact every human being experiences to be true. Think of this moment as a brief example. Relax and feel your breath and body and be as present as you can be. You'll notice very quickly that thoughts about the future such as, "I need to get this done" "What should I eat for lunch" other thoughts and critics such as "This is boring" "Im uncomfortable in this position" or thoughts about the past. Either way it is the same, the mind is never truly 'here' it is always seeking to be somewhere else, some distant future that seems better than the present one, but once you get there its just another 'Now'.

As a follower of Christ, imagine how your personal life would look like if you lived in the present as intentionally as you could? This answer may vary, but one thing that is sure is that we would hear and know God's voice and will in every scenario. Being present isn't just a fancy term nor a grandous philosophy. It is a life of intention and alertness. When you are present in a conversation you are fully there and both you and the other individual get something out of it. Being fully 'there' at work no matter the condition. Being fully 'there' in alone times, rather for studies, prayer, or tasks. When the family is gathered together in the living room, imagine the increase in relationship and intimacy you can create when you are present and fully 'here' Now.

Taking a look at the ministry of Jesus Christ, every moment was a significant one. Rather he relaxed on a Well and decided to engage in a conversation with a Samaritan women, who as we all know, became saved and touched by the Father after. Rather He was confronted by a Pharisee in the middle of a discussion with civilians. He remained centered and allowed the Spirit to move through Him and speak the Father's words. When men or women needed healing, He was there. When men and women cried to him for a plea only He could solve, He was there and fully engaged. The lifestyle of Jesus shows an intense focus towards the will of the Father and the opportunities to meet such needs. Jesus wasn't living in his head; critiquing and daydreaming about being elsewhere. He was intent and had his eyes set on others. Ephesians 5:15 says "Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise. Making the best use of the times because the days are evil." It is God's will for us to have to be fully alert and awake so we may hear his voice and move towards the needs of others.

Living in the Present isn't a feel-good New Age concept. In fact it isn't always pleasant. It forces you to begin embracing and facing your struggles and weaknesses head-on. To have an alert and open eye towards all aspects of your life rather it is outside or within. People who live more in the future than they do in the present unconsciously ignore their opportunities to grow and take action towards their goals. They have goals, dreams, and aspiring desires, but they end up living more inside their heads than they do in the now. Because of this, opportunities pass by, and the lack of discernment keeps such a person from learning the daily lesson of the day that will serve importance in the future. People who live in the past create more of it in the present. They remain in bondage to a never ending cycle that whispers "This is the way its always going to be." No matter what their attachment may be, it is the same cycle for all who hold on to the past.

Your life depends on your focus and intense presence in the Now. Your career, relationships, health, well-being, spiritual life, and mental life are all a result of the decisions you make rather consciously or unconsciously. Many struggle with addictions and destructive though-patterns that seem to get worst as such a person grows older. Why is that? Is it just the way it is? Is it the way God made you? of course not. On a psychological level, a habit grows stronger and stronger the more a person repeats it. Before we know it, our subconscious mind has been conditioned and almost all of your actions are unconsciously birthed out of the condition. As if one was a robot. For many of us, we tend to ignore habits we are doing now that will destroy us in the future. By the time we become conscious of it, its tough to break by such a time because of its subconscious roots. Thank God for the grace and power when we choose to dwell with the Holy Spirit. The more we dwell with Him, the more the light shines on areas that slow down our progress. The more we submit and flesh out those habits or thought patterns, the more we reap peace and positive fruit. But we cannot bear fruit unless we become intensely focused on His will and what He is doing around us Now. Not tomorrow, not next year, nor a prophetic word given to you but Now.

To conclude, This moment is all you have. Techniques such as Meditation, Prayer, reading, accurate reflection and self-evaluation will train your mind to be sharper and clear. The clearer your mind is, the more present you are, and the more present you are, the more you 'know' God is here. Don't allow your life to pass you by. Face fears that you have been avoiding, flesh out habits you have been procrastinating to confront, and most of all live your life fully and intensively now!
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