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Life is Not As Hard As We Make It: Zack's Testimony

Why do we do what we do?  Why do we go to church? Why do we love people? Why do we hate people? Why do we drink or smoke? Why do we live the way that we live, or is it even the way that we want to be living? We do what we want to and live the way we chose to live for many different reasons.  Some of us do it because we are depressed, some because we are simply bored.  I want to share with you guys a little bit about my story and how my life has began to change. I grew up going to church every Sunday.  My parents are both saved.  I was expected to behave and treat other people with respect.  As I got older I wanted to fit in.  I started becoming a fake person and leaving old friendships for new ones.   High school came around and I wanted to become someone that I wasn't to fit in.  I had a lot of fun doing this in the moment, but eventually I became miserable.   I began drinking.  I couldn't do any drugs in high school because the school that I went to drug tested.   Once I gradua…

Why Christians Must Live in the HERE and NOW

Our minds are constantly racing. A fact every human being experiences to be true. Think of this moment as a brief example. Relax and feel your breath and body and be as present as you can be. You'll notice very quickly that thoughts about the future such as, "I need to get this done" "What should I eat for lunch" other thoughts and critics such as "This is boring" "Im uncomfortable in this position" or thoughts about the past. Either way it is the same,the mind is never truly 'here' it is always seeking to be somewhere else, some distant future that seems better than the present one, but once you get there its just another 'Now'.

As a follower of Christ, imagine how your personal life would look like if you lived in the present as intentionally as you could? This answer may vary, but one thing that is sure is that we would hear and know God's voice and will in every scenario. Being present isn't just a fancy term nor…


That silent demon Like parasite consumption Grab a hold of your thoughts In its wrath, it controls your functions.
Flesh. It screams. Keep going. Keep going. You’ve got nothing to lose. It’s already growing. He’s watching you. You’re falling. Deeper and deeper.
Run! No…no..not away from Me. TO Me. My child, can’t you see? You’re trying to fight this battle, without Me. One blow and you’re knocked out, cold.
Run! TO Me. Call unto Me! Look at My Hand! Reach! You yearn to scream out for Me, I know it. But that pride…that pride, you show it.
That silence. My child, break free. Come to Me. I am your refuge, your rock. Why hide? Why? I know you. I’m no stranger. From my Hands I created you. Stop looking back. Stop looking away. Don’t hide your face. Look at Me.
You think I can’t see? Stop trying to avoid in order to fill A void Only with Me will it be filled. Talk to Me.
Say it. Say the word. Lust. You’re fighting it, I know. Open up to Me. I want to see you grow.
The next time Lust knocks on your door, Run! TO Me.…