Friday, April 18, 2014

Five Methods To Master Your Day.

Today counts as much as tomorrow. More than anything, this moment we call "NOW" is slowly slipping into the past. The dangers of unclaimed time is how we don't consciously realize  how much of it we waste before its too late. It is true that we all have different set of pressures, expectations, plans, devotions, and recreational activities throughout our day. But if we do not habitually obtain awareness and control of our habits that keep us from enjoying 'Today' and taking care of our priorities, the visions we have, dreams we want to pursuit, and goals wanting to be reached, we will face constant stumbling blocks because of our habits of not making 'Today' count.

For my fellow readers who are interested in making 'Now' and 'Today' count. In this Article is written a simple step by step method on mastering your day instead having the daily troubles of it mastering you and getting in the way of your priorities and activities.

#1 Plan Your Day Ahead.

"Today is a manifestation of past thought." Explained by writer Enoch Tan Author of "Reality Creation Secrets eBook."The reality you currently see is created by you through thought, word, and deed. Simply put, there is no accident of why your 'Today' may have repeated patterns of dislike as it did weeks or even months ago. To master your day, you must master your intentions and thoughts at will.

The first step is to "Plan your day ahead." Before going to bed intentionally plan the way you want the following day to be. Visualize and mentally see yourself finishing that task, making that important phone call, active and productive, and doing any other activity that will involve your focus. Since it is proven that one, thoughts have energy , and two, "The best way to predict the future is to create it." (Enoch Tan) This exercise helps millions of other highly productive people stay sharp and alert with a subconscious drive toward their goals.

How this works is this, as stated in Jack Canfield's best seller "The Success principle's: How to get from where you are to where you want to be" that the brain is a goal-seeking organism. Whatever problem, goal, request, or command, you give your mind, it will work night and day to solve it. As you plan your day the night before, do it with intent and clarity. The clearer you are about how you want the following day to be, the more effective the subconscious will be in manifesting that vision effortlessly.

This gives you mental clarity on what needs to be done and how it needs to be done the moment you awake.

#2 Give Yourself A Focus/Goal

We have planned our day the night before and are clear about what we wanted and how we wanted it done. But the first method cannot be applied if you do not take this one seriously. It is crucial to have a focus and a goal. Both are different entirely. A goal is a milestone, something to be reached at a desired time. Focus is a center of interest that aspires your actions. 

A goal within itself requires massive focus and concentration, for the more there is focus on a particular object the faster it grows and magnifies. What you focus on grows. The mind desperately needs a focus. A vision, A mission, A purpose. It is that focus alone, that will align you what matters most 'Today' and show what matters less. 

Without focus, The mind is a sponge and it will absorb negativity with passiveness throughout the day. Focus makes the difference. Focus runs the day.

#3 Invite God Unto Your Day

If morning prayer isn't a habit, add it to your list of priorities. Make it your business to spend some undisturbed time with God. Every morning before going about the day. Doing so aligns your focus and most importantly, increases your sense of Self as you personally connect with God. 

This can be done anytime throughout the day. There is no need for special invitation when engaging with God. From a small five minute personal devotion, to a twenty or thirty minute Meditation practice and reflective prayer. "Inviting" God unto your day is an intentional choice to allow the influence of God to carry you with guidance as you enter the advanture of 'Today'.

#4 Priorities First

If you have heard this before than it is meant for you to hear it again. Priorities must be the first task engaged before any other. Priorities vary from person to person and task to task. It may be an important phone call, Class registration, project, adding a chapter to a book, finding a client, etc.

Taking care of priorities first leaves more room for multiple task once they are taken care of. Many prefer to do their priorities in the 'middle' or push them as the last task to do. What tends to happen is when we push it far aside to the point of ''last minute'' there isn't as much time to complete the task as effective as we want to. Another problem with that approach is it increases the habit of procrastination. Causing you to 'set-aside' future priorities.

Imagine how much more you would get out of life, when you make it a daily habit to take care of priorities first. Your work/school life would be more impacted considering the fact that you are on top with your assignments. You would also have more room for family time and other activities. 

This gives more peace because, as you complete an important task your mind is rested on the issue and not only do you get a sense of completion, you are forming the habit of productivity and eliminating procrastination.

#5 Prepare For War.

The last and most crucial is to prepare yourself for war. You must be ready to encounter, thoughts, people, and circumstances, that will attempt to bring you low and throw you off of focus. You must have it in mind, that the spiritual enemy is at work to misalign you from your assignment. 

Too many are surprised at events and outcomes that don't seem to work for their favors, as if every good deed is easily going to be achieved. Too many are surprised at unwanted feelings and thoughts that attempt to discourage the person into his or her task. 

You must make a choice to mentally and spiritually prepare yourself for war. Prepare and equip yourself with the Power that is within. As you go about your day, don't be quick to react to everything you perceive to be 'bad'. Instead, keep your focus on what matters most during the day. Do this habitually and you will see different results in different areas of your life.