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100 to 0 Real Quick

100 to 0 Real Quick

I mean it when I say I've learned more about myself, school, and life in general in just the 4 short months I've been in college than 4 years of high school EVER taught me. Anyways, back to the topic.

Typical Phone Conversation with my mom:

Mom: Hey baby, how are you?
Me: I'm good.
Mom: ok. How are your classes coming?
Me: They're going alright..
*continued small talk*

I never have in-depth conversations with my parents about school unless I made a really good grade or some cool event happened. That's where the problem comes in. I would never discuss if I'm struggling or having problems. I would hide it because I was afraid of being lectured or being told what I'm doing wrong. The real problem is...I'm too prideful to let people know I'm struggling. So I try to cover it up and hope I fix it. Bad idea. Because that very mentality is what led me to end up in the current rut I'm in with my grades. Again, I thank God for opportu…

How Boredom Can Make Or Break You.

90% of our actions come from boredom. It is crucial to make use of our God-given moments. It is easy to self-indulge ourselves with lofty entertainment and self-gratifying activity. In the end, they leave us empty and seeking for more. Those who succeed in their calling are not only those who believe in Christ but SUBMIT to his will to discipline oneself.
Our culture was built on a self-suffecient spirit. When arriving to the New World, we mastered our aguralcutlure, social, military, industries, and technological skills. It is the reason our American ancestors called for 'independence' from Great Britain in the first place.

We are more advanced than ever as a society. Major changes in technology and scientific instruments, have helped us live more comfortable lives. The issue lies in the self-indulging distractions this has caused. We have become more concerned with the next ppv event than our own personal lives and relationship with our Higher self, Christ. 

Here is a link to a…


I lament alone, staring at the same four walls Drown myself in a sea of self-pity Claiming to resist comfort But You are present.
I’ve ceased to seek You I search for comfort on a screen with dark images Trying to alleviate my self-induced grief Justifying erroneous ways Still, You are present.
Loved ones deem me troubled I refuse to speak They say they fear those who utter no words For they are dangerous I promise, I am not You are present….still.
I sit here wrapped in a blanket of emotions My confidence and esteem continues to shrink I begin to question my existence, worse, have it taken from me You. Are. Present.
You are present through it all You call my name I hear it, but refuse to move When will I learn to unveil the mask?
All You seek from me is faith You want to bring me joy There is no reason for my unhappiness For You have blessed me and then more
Though I struggle to acknowledge you Though I feel inferior It remains in the back of my mind You are present. ……..And…

Five Methods To Master Your Day.

Today counts as much as tomorrow. More than anything, this moment we call "NOW" is slowly slipping into the past. The dangers of unclaimed time is how we don't consciously realize  how much of it we waste before its too late. It is true that we all have different set of pressures, expectations, plans, devotions, and recreational activities throughout our day. But if we do not habitually obtain awareness and control of our habits that keep us from enjoying 'Today' and taking care of our priorities, the visions we have, dreams we want to pursuit, and goals wanting to be reached, we will face constant stumbling blocks because of our habits of not making 'Today' count.

For my fellow readers who are interested in making 'Now' and 'Today' count. In this Article is written a simple step by step method on mastering your day instead having the daily troubles of it mastering you and getting in the way of your priorities and activities.

#1Plan Your Da…

3 Simple Ways To Discern Truth

Everybody has knowledge. Knowledge birthed from experience, culture, background, peers, and environments all play a big role in what we know and the way we view life. As Christians, we are warned by God in his Word to be extremely alert and prudent toward the various perceptions or views of the collective consciousness. Careful of what you may ask? Falsehood. False views, perceptions and False doctrines: belief systems contrary to the Word of God. 
Though many of us are not ignorant towards what is false (Most of the time because our belief systems have become more of a script to memorize than an actual lifestyle of fellowship with the Holy Spirit) most of us in the Christian world don't even know our own belief system as a whole. When asked carious questions by the masses like "Who is Jesus really?" "What did he die for?" "How do you believe in someone you don't see?" some answer with uncertainty not because they do not know their Bibles and aren…

The Flesh's Desire

The Flesh’s Desire… by Nickelle Linonge We are continuously exposed to cultural based images of sex and other suggestive things. We are surrounded by peers who engage in sexual activity at such a young age. We are constantly told that the desire…lust, is a natural feeling, which it is. But just because it is natural, does it necessarily mean we must always entertain it?
·“Lust asks, ‘What can you do for me?  Love asks, What can I do for you?’ ” – Tim Keller
As teens with raging hormones and constantly shifting moods, we often get very deep into our feelings. When those feelings involve someone else, things can get a little crazy. We’ve all had one or even multiple instances where we spot someone we think is attractive and our minds go “there”. We all have. As much as some of us want to say we haven’t…we have. It’s the truth. Own up to it. (Just a little tough love there) Something I personally have begun to realize is that all the “crushes” I had in the past, my thoughts, my impressi…

What is God's greatest desire from mankind?

The simple question has a variety of answers from believers and non believers. Before reading on, try thinking to yourself what you feel it is. Go ahead I'm waiting (Literally). 

For you awesome individuals who have actually participated, you probably answered one of the following :

FaithGoing to ChurchLoveCharity/Generosity SacrificePrayerThough all of these of course, are equally important to progress in our relationship with Christ and spiritual lives, we must understand that those six, within themselves, are useless without the true ingredient. The component that puts our faith into action, brings life and healing in church, gives us the ability to love, give, and most importantly, bring revelation and manifestations into our prayer lives. That, my friends, would be obedience.

Everyday you are either increasing or decreasing. Getting better or worst in every part of your life. Whether health wise, emotionally, spiritually, financially, at your work, or your relationships. Whose  c…

The God we often forget part 2 of 2.

The God we often forget part 2 of 2.

Picking up from were we left of, we have learned that the devil is not just some adversarial entity rebelling against God for the fun of it. He is, as scripture quotes, the god of this world. The force that is connected to all negativity: sickness, distress, separation from friends or lovers, accidents, pain, suffering, and most of all death.  if we do not abide in God through his Son and his holy spirit, your god is indeed satan. You don't need a bible scholar to teach you this either.

Suffering is at a high. There is no crime, nor act of sin that has been committed that can surprise us in these days. Child pornography, cannibalism, sex slavery, etc. It almost seems like the darkness is winning and shading away the light. What is bad is what is now good. Darkness is what is in, while the light is old and traditional and not "hot". Look at the popular movies, the popular stars, the popular lyrics, the popular brands, the popular beliefs…