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Do you have the symptoms of feeling trapped in a Matrix?

Life is “The Matrix”
I have friend who told me something very interesting. He told me when he was younger he used to look up at the sky and feel "trapped". He felt as if there was something bigger than him and anything he had ever known. He continued on and to conclude he said "They got us where they want us. Everything is a lie! We are slaves!" I asked him who is "They"? He couldn't give me a direct answer. 

Life is "The Matrix". Because of sin, man is enslaved and in bondage. Our conscience/spirit is programmed to rebel against God. We are programmed to naturally make decisions, have desires, think, meditate, and do things that displease him and misalign us from positive long lasting results in our individual lives. Since God is our highest good, we rarely ever attract it because of sin’s dominion over humanity. Romans 3:23 “For all have sinned, and fall SHORT of the glory of God.”

Instead of this being a computer-generated world, like “The M…

There is no such thing as failure!

There is no such thing as failure!
When you say,” I can’t achieve this.” Then you have failed! There is no such thing as failure. No such thing! With faith, failure is just a false fable given to us by those who have failed themselves. Based on their personal experiences, belief systems, and mentality (or state of thinking). A common example is a person who had a particular goal/plan/mission that he/she dropped or let go along the way because at one point he/she told him/herself “It can’t be done” From that experience, the person builds a deep rooted belief that some goals are unachievable for him/her. After so, they begin to not only limit themselves, but those around them. Almost like a conscious plague. Today, many unconsciously walk in the limited belief that failure is a thing within itself. Parents who didn’t make it, poverty stricken citizens, innocent people victimized by government officials or a higher power, convicts, ect. The mentality spreads from deep rooted cultural and tr…